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Reservation of pitches

We have chosen not to apply a fixed pitch reservation. The downside is that we cannot guarantee that you will get a specific location when you arrive. However, it is possible to express your preference and in many cases, we are able to meet your wishes.

What are the advantages of this strategy:
- As soon as you decide to stay longer, you never have to move your tent or caravan because it was reserved by someone else.

- Because we have more flexibility to fill our available places, you do not have to pay the fully reserved period in case of early departure, but this is limited to a maximum of € 100,- (the amount of deposit).

- When a pitch does not meet your expectations, you can move your tent / caravan to one of the newly vacated camping pitches the next morning.

- On the camping map, it is often difficult to see what a camping pitch looks like. In our experience, people sometimes prefer to have a different location when they arrive. With a fixed location reservation, there would be no possibility to change places.


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