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Places of interest around Ascou la Forge



Maison des Loups

In the valley of Orlu you will find a wolf park. Here you can see the wolves in their natural environment in a 6 ha enclosed area. You can observe the wolves through a path along this area. At specified times, you can watch how the wolves are fed and they explain how the wolf lives.

Distance from Ascou la Forge: 18,7 km, 30 min

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Grotte de Lombrives

In Ussat-les-Brain you'l find one of the largest caves of the Ariège. With more than 15 km of corridors, large galleries and natural sculptures, this cave is definitely worth a visit. Concerts are regularly held in the Great Hall of the Cave.

Distance from Ascou la Forge: 30,6 km, 32 min

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Parc de la Prehistoire

In Ariège there are many interesting prehistoric places. This theme parc takes you back 14,000 years to this fascinating period. In this park you get a picture of how people must have lived in those days. A visit is also very suitable for children.

Distance from Ascou la Forge: 36,3 km, 38 min.

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Forges de Pyrènes

The Ariège is known from the past for its steel industry. In the time of Napoleon, all the steel came from here for the production of the weapons. That is also why we come across so many places called "La Forge". A theme park has been built around an old well-preserved iron smithy, which will take you back several generations.

Distance from Ascou la Forge: 46,9 km, 49 min.

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Grotte de Niaux

In Ariège we have a lot of caves. For lovers of prehistoric caves, the Niaux caves are an absolute must. The murals, dating back 14,000 years before Christ, are in exceptionally good condition and it is one of the few caves still open to the public. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed per day, so booking in advance is necessary.

Distance from Ascou la Forge: 37,8 km, 42 min.

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